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Today I find myself in a grumpy mood. I find myself being upset at the fact that lots of people only text/email/call/talk to me when they want to complain about something. I guess that makes me a good sounding board and I am glad that people know they can trust me to vent to and know that it won't go any further-but sometimes I feel overwhelmed by it all. Sometimes I wish that people would stop complaining and ask how my day has been or if I am doing ok. There again, I assume that it is the way it is because I don't complain to people that much or voice it aloud when things are bothering me, so people just think I have it all together? I don't know, but today I needed a break, so I just put it away.

I mailed my sister's birthday card today, and this year I got her a little gift. She really likes the adult coloring books that have come out recently-she always loved to color as a child and it seems to be something that is still relaxing for her. I found one of the coloring books at the grocery store the other day so I got it and wrapped it up in tissue paper and mailed it off. That is in keeping with my resolution for the year of mailing out cards on time and making sure to acknowledge birthdays and important occasions. So far- so good! Several people have thanked me and that makes me happy because I know it made them happy!

My right eye has been very burny today. I think it feels like I've scratched it, but I'm not sure how I would have done that. Maybe my contacts need to be changed for a new pair. Who knows?

Here is a picture of my skinny little dog. I am feeding him extra things to try and help him put on weight. It bothers me that he is so thin but the vet says he is healthy and he is a puppy who runs it all off every day while he is playing.


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