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Last week my son turned 12!!! What a big kid! On Friday, to celebrate, we took him and 3 other boys to the trampoline jumping place and also for pizza. It was a lot of fun and they all had a good time. He has always favored white cake with white icing, and this time he asked to add raspberry filling. I just ordered the cake from Albertson's and it was really good! I'll get cake from there again.

The index finger on my right hand has been hurting for the past few days. It is in the knuckle area. It isn't swollen or anything, it just hurts now and then. I think that is weird-how could I have injured my finger? I have another finger on the same hand that is a little deformed because I smashed it in the door when I was 3 years old, and when it is going to rain or the weather is turning bad, that one swells up ridiculously, and aches. That has never happened with any of my other fingers, so it doesn't seem to be that this issue would be arthritis. I'm only 32, but I know that some people get arthritis early, so I suppose it is possible. Hopefully it goes away.

I've been trying to be better about eating good food and also about taking my lunch every day. Tonight at the store I bought a lot of salad items and then this evening I made individual lunch containers for the rest of the week. I did that for the last couple weeks and it works out really well. It does NOT work out if I try and convince myself that I will do the prep work each day when I get up. I hit the snooze button too many times and end up without enough time to get everything out and chop it up. This is a better plan that is working for me.

The rest of the week will be crazy. Soccer practice starts tomorrow and is on Tuesday and Thursday, church is Wednesday. Also on Thursday I will try and visit my brother in law, who will be in the hospital for a full knee replacement. Friday there is a thing called Open Mic at church and we usually try to go to that. Saturday is a free day as far as I know, so that will be nice.

Well.. as usual, the laundry awaits!

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