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Les Miserables

I'm still wading through Les Miserables. I just don't love this book. My husband bought it for me because I said I would always rather read the book than watch the movie. In this case, I would have been WAY better off to watch the movie because this book has already sucked up hours of reading time that could have been better spend with other books. However, it is a classic, and there ARE bits of it that I like, and I will finish it. I try to read a chapter minimum every day. The chapters are short so it is taking me quite a long time to get through. It just seems like there is soooo much detail. I feel like if a modern day writer were to write this book right now and release it, that he would be criticized for too much unnecessary detail and it wouldn't be nearly as well received. Who knows-I suppose maybe even now people would think it fantastic.

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