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Today has been a blur!!! I was SO busy at work (happy to report that previously mentioned pigeon was removed from the car that it was stuck to yesterday), then right after that I had my one hour free training session that they give you when you sign up for the gym, then came home and made dinner, washed dishes, and now sitting down to answer a few emails. Whew!

I made cube steaks on the stove with garlic and pepper (don't tell my husband-I sneaked in some seasoned salt, which does have onion, and he didn't even notice. HA!), and roasted butternut squash. The squash was AMAZING!!! Not sure if I have mentioned it before but every other weekend or so, I share in purchasing a food basket from a produce co-op. The butternut squash came in the basket, so it was super cheap. Now that I'm firmly hooked, I'll look for them on sale at the regular store and buy them more often. I've had them before, but prepared in a different way- today I just cubed them, put a little olive oil, salt, and pepper on, and roasted them in the oven for half an hour or so- delicious. Something that new readers will learn is that I love to cook-in keeping with that and also so as not to get stuck in a cooking rut, I make something new every week. This week I have actually made two new things- one was a pasta dish with vegetables and shrimp, and today was the butternut squash. I'm very please with how they both turned out. Sometimes I post pictures of the food-but not today.

The gym experience was fine. The guy didn't try to kill me during the 1 hour session, and he also didn't try to sell me future sessions. He listened to my goals and heard why I wanted to go to the gym (de-stress and get into better shape, maybe lost 5-10 pounds), and said he thinks I don't need to lose any weight at all, I just need to shift it around and have a little less body fat and a little more muscle. The things he said makes sense. I prefer to just go to the gym and run, run, run, on the treadmill or the elliptical machine for the whole hour that I stay... but he pointed out that if I also add just a tiny bit of weight machines to the beginning of what I am currently doing, or even just do weight machines for 10 minutes and then use the rest of the hour on the cardio stuff that it will have a quicker payoff and help me with problem areas faster. He was nice. I'm glad I didn't cancel it. I was afraid they would try to make me feel like a loser and then try to sell me some huge package of work out with a trainer for a million dollars type of thing...and he didn't. Yay!

The dog was sick yesterday but he is back to normal today. I need to go fix the tortoise his dinner. Always something to do!

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