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I thought that January might be a slower month for my family...but I was wrong!

Tomorrow my son is going to a birthday party, I have to run up to my office for a short time to put in an appearance at an event one of the doctors is having, and I'm going to the gym in the morning. In the afternoon maybe I will take a nap!!!!!

My son's birthday is coming up on the 27th, so I am organizing a thing for a few of his friends and him, at a trampoline jumping place. Then after that we will take them to the Pizza Hut that is in the same parking lot and let them eat cake and pizza. I have to get in touch with all the appropriate parents, figure out if Pizza Hut will let me have my own cake or if I have to buy their yucky chocolate chip cookie pizza instead, and also find a gift for the kiddo!

The day right after that, I'm throwing a baby shower for a girl who is a member of my Sunday school class. Since my husband is the teacher of the class and I am the outreach leader, and the woman half of the teacher, I figure that it is my responsibility to do nice things for our members. Turns out I was right and I'm glad I had already been thinking of it, because the pastor emailed me a few days ago to see if anyone was planning anything. Yay! I was happily able to say yes and not be panicked about it!

We've also had a few other friends with birthdays so there have been lots of things to send out, cards, greetings, etc.

I'm still teaching the Wednesday night 6th grade class at church. The week before last I was pretty discouraged about that because I had to kick 2 of the kids out for bad behavior. This week was better and I didn't have to ask anyone to leave. I know the kids need to be in the class so it makes me sad when they have to get sent out...but if their behavior is honestly so bad that no other kid can even hear me speaking, let alone learn anything...then I'm not quite sure what else to do. So I kick them out of my room and make them go sit in the adult church service. At least they are hearing something that is hopefully useful to them and maybe they will make better choices when they return to me the following week. I know the director of the children's department was originally very frowny at me when I decided to start doing that...but now I think she can see that it is helping, and also I think she might be afraid that I'll resign from the position and she doesn't have a backup teacher, so that would be extra bad.

We played Apples 2 Apples tonight after dinner...that was fun. We decided to deal the dog in just for fun and choose a card for him with each round...he got 2 points but my son won with 7. It was very funny because one of the cards that the dog chose (really my son pulled one of out the dog's pile each time) had the answer "puppy kisses" on it. How funny. that I typed that out, I guess it isn't really that funny or cute unless you love dogs. But I do, and since this is my blog.... :)

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