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Today my boss got a call that her mother is not expected to live much longer. She has been in hospice care for quite some time now. She has had a variety of health issues for the past few years but was diagnosed with terminal lung cancer in March and has been declining since then. So tomorrow morning my boss and her daughter (who also works at my office) are flying back to Michigan to be with family and hopefully to make it and see her before she passes. I feel really sad for them as they are both having a really hard time. That also puts us 2 more down at work. Today there was lots of meetings and panic because all the sudden people realize I'm really having a baby quite soon and won't be around to do all these things i normally do, and they don't know how they are going to cover everything. I don't know how they are either, really, but it is what it is. They are praying I don't have the baby for the next two weeks, as that is how long they plan to be out of town.

My son was excited to go to church tonight so I took him and we ate dinner there. After he went to his class, I went ahead and came back home. I logged on from home and did about an hour of work and then was able to putter around and put away a few things here. I'm really trying not to over do things right now. I've felt somewhat crampy this afternoon, so trying to take it easy and drink plenty of water. I'm glad I didn't stay at church.

It is already after 10 so I'm going to bed.

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