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The situation with the girl who quit at my work worked out splendidly!! She called my boss to discuss what was happening the next day, and we figured out that the problem and reason for her leaving had nothing at all to do with me! Whew! She even sent me a really nice text message later that day to say that she enjoyed working with me and would miss me. So I felt better about that after I heard from her.

Today I have been a busy bee since I got home from work! I stopped on the way and picked up a couple of grocery items needed to prepare the thing my husband wanted to take for their work potluck tomorrow (little smokies in the crockpot). When we got home I cleaned out the tortoise cage, put him in the bathroom to exercise, washed dishes, fixed some taquitos, am cooking some diced chicken to have to use over the weekend, and have prepared a chicken and rice casserole for dinner tomorrow night, which is baking in the oven right now. Whew!!! Oh, and I did a couple of loads of laundry! That makes me pretty happy-and it is only 7:00pm!!!

I am slowing slogging through Les Miserables, by Victor Hugo. It is a really good book, but is is long and full of misery, so I can't read it for a couple hours at a time-I have to pace myself and read something less intense in between. I am looking forward to finishing it. It is actually not a book that I would have picked out to read, but since my husband gave it to me as a gift, I will read it.

Well-tomorrow is Friday! Looking forward to finishing up the work week and relaxing a little bit, even though this is lined up to be a pretty busy weekend!

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