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Today I am sad because a coworker quit. She quit via text message, so there was no way to talk to her, but in the message she indicated that she felt she didn't fit in and that people were sometimes either making fun of her or were being rude to her when she asked a question. She didn't go into detail, but I have been feeling terrible all day. I was her secondary trainer, and I had to correct her several times, and yet for someone who had no experience in the field, I really thought she was doing ok. She has a LOT going on in her personal life, more than I even know about, and so I'm sure that played a factor. In fact, she even said as much in her text. It just breaks my heart that I may have said something that she felt was mean or that she felt she was being picked on by me about-I have to correct when I train, but I certainly never want to make anyone feel miserable or feel like they don't like coming to work every day. I actually don't even know if her quitting had one single thing to do with me, but because I spent so much time with her, I am just so worried. She is supposed to call the office tomorrow and talk to our boss about it, so I suppose more details will come out then, but it makes me so sad. It also makes me afraid, because I could potentially get in trouble for something that was just misconstrued, if my boss feels that I did something wrong. I'm not someone who goes to work with the goal of making best friends with everyone. I want them to do a good job, and my goal for them is to be good at what they do. I usually end up being friends or friendly with all of my coworkers, but I'm not one of those flowery, bubbly, or even motherly types of women, so it makes me feel sad because I wonder if she took something I said in a much harsher way than it was ever intended. She spent time out of my office yesterday and worked in two other departments and someone else got feedback that she seemed unhappy after returning from that experience, so perhaps it has nothing at all to do with me. I don't know, but I still feel bad. I was so hopeful that she would do well and would enjoy her job, and now she just quit. So I'm sad for the one who left, and I'm feeling bad if I had any hand in it, and I'm worried about how the conversation tomorrow will go. All in all it hasn't been a very good day. :(

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