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Well, I stopped on my way home from work today and signed up for the gym!!!! I haven't been a gym member since around 2007. That is a long time! I did find other ways to exercise during that time, of course, but I'm hoping that this will be a good thing for me. I'm a little sad because this gym costs $36.95 per month, which is way more than I wanted to pay, BUT they did waive the start up fee as well as the first month of membership, so if you average that out over the course of a year, it does take the monthly rate down somewhat. I had figured that it would be great to find a gym for $20 per month, so I went over that figure by $16, but I know for sure that I manage to blow that much money each month in other areas. I can cut back on those things and the difference will be covered. Look at all the ways I'm justifying my decision, haha!

This has been a pretty good week at work. Nothing exciting, which is good.

My son was in the spelling bee at his school on Wednesday so I went to that. He got out in the second round, and that made him VERY sad.

Tomorrow is Friday!! woo woo!!!

The tortoise is still doing fine, but after only having him for a week, I can already tell 100% for sure that I would never want a tortoise for my own pet. I'm very glad that his stay with us will be temporary.

Well-I think my turkey burger is burning-better go.

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