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Happy New Year!!!!

We have a new house guest who will be with us for the next 2 months or maybe a little more! He is named Steve, and he is some sort of tropical tortoise. He belongs to my sister-in-law. She is in the Army reserves, and she is in the middle of a pretty intense training. In February she has to go overseas for a month as a part of the training and she didn't have anyone to keep her turtle. Well, I suppose she could have taken it back home to the other sister, but that is from California to Michigan, vs. California to Arizona. So she asked us if we would keep him. I really don't mind doing it, I just really hope and pray that he doesn't die. Wouldn't that just be terrible!? He is about 6 or 7 years old and she really loves him, like people love their dogs. She takes him out of his cage and holds him on her lap for hours, sleeps with him in bed, lets him roam around the house. It is really crazy how much someone can love a tortoise!!! Anyway, she had opportunity to take off for a couple of days and this was really the only time we could have gotten him from her and made it work out, so she brought him on over. He is an interesting creature. He bangs on his cage when he gets mad and wants to be let out, and he follows me around like a dog when I let him out. He is quite tempting for my dog, so I'll definitely have to keep them separated, but so far so good.

On New Year's Eve we went and played games and had an appetizer dinner with some friends. That was fun but we had a struggle to stay awake until midnight-we have gotten used to our 9:00pm bedtime! It was fun..we ate WAY too much food. We played Can You Name Five, and Tenzies, which is a really fun dice game.

Today is a free day-we don't have any commitments and nothing that really has to be done. I'll do some laundry and clean up, but really we'll pretty much be relaxing, which is nice. My husband has had a bad cold for the past 4 days so he is happy to be able to chill out at home.

Ok-off I go.

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