Carriea31 (carriea31) wrote,

Christmas Caroling

Tonight we will meet with other people at our church and get in the little bus we have, and go Christmas caroling to some of the elderly people from our church who are no longer able to get out and about. We did it last year also, which was my very first time to ever go caroling. I thought it was wonderful! Some of the people don't seem to get visitors often, so we were able to see them and visit with them for awhile and hopefully brighten their day. I currently have a batch of salted caramel brownies in the oven baking and I will put them in little Christmas themed goodie bags and each person will get one. Last year someone gave each person a candy cane, which was cute, but I think something homemade has a nicer touch, so I decided to do this this year.

Our class Sunday school party is tomorrow at 4. Yikes!!!!! I went to the store this morning and picked up mostly everything that I need, but I'll need to get ice and some croissants in the morning because a) I don't have enough room to keep all the ice overnight, so it'll have to go in the coolers tomorrow and b) the store I went to today didn't have the right kind of croissants at the right price.

Recently my favorite and most frequented grocery store redesigned and they moved lots of things from one aisle to another. It is causing a lot of confusion among shoppers... I was stopped by 1 person this morning who was looking for something and I heard two other people asking for help. It isn't a big deal that things get moved, but when someone is elderly and has developed habits over the course of years, I guess it really throws things off!!!! The store redesigned so they could add a clothing section. I thought that was curious, but the checkout lady told me that they feel they sell more clothing than patio furniture, which was what used to take up that space, so they revamped. Ok-business is business I guess.

I need to get some lunch and I'd like to go to Kohl's. I have a coupon and I need to get a few things picked up for Christmas.

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