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Isn't it crazy how you can dream about something that is buried so deeply in your subconscious that you actually think you've forgotten about it? I had a dream last night about an old friend..someone who meant a lot to me in the past, and still could, if circumstances were different. In the dream my mom was trying to help me reconnect with said old friend by arranging for me to go to her house when that person would be there, so that we would have a chance to talk. It didn't end up happening and we missed each other in passing. I woke up feeling sort empty place inside. Like something is missing that shouldn't be. I don't like that feeling-it leaves me unsettled. I thought that I'd buried it, let it go....but clearly my brain knows differently when I'm sleeping. It really is interesting... I had a falling out with a different friend about 3 years ago. A dear, dear friend got very mad at me for a choice that I made. I tried to talk to her about why I did what I did, and explain things in a way that would make more sense to her. She wouldn't listen, and she remained very angry for 2 years. I was so sad and upset about that, but in the end there was just nothing I could do. So I prayed about it almost every day and just tried to trust that God would take care of it. Finally I stopped praying about it every day, and I feel like I really did let it go. Only then, after all that time, did that friend approach me and apologize for her behavior, and let me say my piece. We've gotten to be a bit closer again now, and I am so happy and thankful for that. It makes me wonder if somehow, some day, the same thing might happen in some sort of way with the person I dreamed about last night. Time will tell.
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