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Tomorrow is already December 1! That is crazy! This year has flown by, it seems to me. Time to get started Christmas decorating and shopping. I try to convince myself that I'll be done with all my shopping by this time each has actually only happened once! Oh well, a person needs goals, right?

Yesterday when I was putting away laundry, I kicked the side of the bed on my way by. I'm not sure if it was the leg or the bedframe, but either way, I appear to have broken my pinkie toe. It is all purple and sausage-y... sort of looks like a Slim Jim. Pretty gross, but from what I understand, there is nothing to be done about it except let it heal. Not something to go to the doctor for. I've heard that some people buddy tape it to the next toe, but since I had it in my shoes all day where it is pressed up to the next one and can't really move anyway, I didn't figure there was much point in taping it into the same position. I'll see how it is after a day or so and go from there. My mother has broken her toe before but not me.

I took the easy way out tonight and made Hamburger Helper for dinner. Sodium in a box! My son followed it up with a dish of ice cream and my husband had some jello salad that I made for Thanksgiving.

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