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Home repairs

Well, it seems like the best way for us to get some projected around the house completed may be to decide to throw a party!

Last weekend I decided that my husband and I should host a Christmas party for our Bible study class. My husband is the teacher of the class and I am the outreach leader (basically, his secretary..HAHa). We try to have a get together for our class every so often, but we have been really bad about this year because of illness, kids, travel, etc. Anyway-I decided we were long overdue and so we chose a date in December to have a gathering, and decided that the best place would be in a home, but we can't really volunteer someone else's house, so we will have it here at ours.

We knew we would need to get the yard cleaned up. We called the landscaping people to come out because we had a big, big, tree in our yard that had died...we knew we needed help having it cut down and hauled away and we figured while they were here we would go ahead and pay the extra to have them trim the other trees and do the mowing and stuff, and then we'll just maintain that until the party (and beyond, of course). So-that project is all taken care of.

THEN we woke up yesterday and were getting ready to leave for soccer when we discovered that the toilet in the hallway bathroom is on it's way out. We had the same problem with our other toilet a few months ago and it ended up having to be replaced. We had to have a plumber come out because there was some advice given to us that made us believe that possibly the main line was clogged up. That did not turn out to be the was just that a very old toilet had worn out! The plumber at the time told us that we could expect to have the same problem with the other toilet because we have an older house with older appliances, etc., and things will eventually wear out. So yesterday we went to the hardware store and bought a new toilet and fittings and it will be put in this afternoon.

Now-I wonder what else will break prior to our Christmas party!!!!

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