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I feel like I should be doing big things today. I need to do more laundry, should make a grocery list and do the shopping, should keep moving, but I'm just so..... lazy. Ha! We got up and went to the kiddo's soccer game. His team won the game and he scored a goal, so that is a successful start to his day! After that my husband and I tried tracking down one of the senior members from our church, who we had been told was admitted to the hospital. We thought we would go visit him and say hello-but ended up he had already been discharged. We spent about an hour driving around looking for the right hospital before we figured out he wasn't there! After we got home we sat down to watch some TV and I ended up falling asleep and now my motivation is lacking.

Tomorrow is church in the morning and then we have to drive for an hour to get to a wedding, which is for one of my husband's coworkers. She is being married in some big old barn out in a rural town. I have been to the town before because there is a side/county road that cuts through the state if you know how to find it, and takes some time out of the ugly freeway scene. There is also a federal prison there, I think it is where the fairly recent "botched execution" took place. The town is called Florence. Anyhow, we will drive out there and husband thinks the wedding and following reception will be quite lengthy, so that pretty much covers our whole day. I hope it turns out to be fun. We went to the wedding shower party they had a couple months ago and it was a little awkward for us because we really didn't know anyone there and everyone was in the process of getting very we sort of just talked to each other for half an hour and then left.

Ok-I'm going to try and DO something now. Probably I can accomplish something, so long as I don't make the mistake of sitting down in the big comfy chair again!

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