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My thyroid results came back normal!!! Yay!!!! The TSH is a little higher than it was 3 months ago, but still well within the normal range, so that is excellent news! I have an appointment with the endocrinologist on Thursday to go over the results, but I cheated and got them ahead of time, so I already know they are ok. I am a little worried she might want to start me on a low dose of the thyroid medicine since they went up a little, but I'm hopeful she won't....her reasoning would be that the thyroid is a slow responder so if she starts me on the lower dose now then it'll just remain at a normal level moving forward. I prefer to be much more conservative after my experience early this year, so I would like to hold off and see where things are at in another few months. I don't want to be on any medicine if I don't need it. That stuff terrifies me.

Soccer practice was chilly tonight-I had on my husband's long songs, a hoodie, and a big parka, and I was still cold. I'm such a desert rat-some people wouldn't have been cold at all. When I get in my car the little temperature reader said 68. I think some places that is a warm day? Hahaha

Tomorrow should be a busy day because I am covering for a person who is being pulled to another position.

My husband has been in a better mood for the past few days because he got the position he applied for at his job. He will still stay with the same company but instead of being a mortgage closer, he will be a loan originator. He is really looking forward to the change, as he has been pretty unhappy lately with the current thing. I'm happy for him.

Laundry awaits.....

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