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This afternoon when I got off work, I walked next door to the lab and had my blood drawn. This is the TSH and T4, to check my thyroid levels. They were normal in July, and now we have to see if they are staying normal or if it looks like the level is getting too high again. I am praying and praying that they stayed normal. I am absolutely terrified to go back on thyroid medication again. I know that this time it would be different because I am under the care of a specialist who is not just treating me based off her feelings, but actually off the lab results. I understand the numbers now, whereas I didn't before, so I could also make sure that they made sense, where before I just blindly trusted the doctor and was sick for months because of it. I will be able to find out the results of the test tomorrow, and then I see the endocrinologist next week on Thursday for the actual appointment to go over the results and see what she has to say. This appointment will be the one where she tells me if it is safe for me to have a baby now or if I still need to wait. I feel so much better now, and my health has improved so much, that I've managed to convince myself that perhaps the labs could be normal, so I know I'm going to feel so much sadness if they are off and she tells me I need the medicine. I guess all I can do is wait and see!

We had a very chilly soccer practice this evening and turned our heater on for the first time this evening when we got home. We should probably have turned it on last night, but we didn't think of it before falling asleep. We're such desert rats, probably other people wouldn't even think it was was 66 degrees when I woke up and I felt cold. Right now I have the heater set on 70 but I have on long pants, long socks, a tshirt and a hoodie, inside the house! Hahhaha

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