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I work at a pediatrics office. We try to do fun things for our little patients. Every year we all dress up for Halloween and hand out fruit snacks and a little candy. We give out stickers every other day, much to the disappointment of those who are expecting a sucker. Anyway, we had a fun of assortment of costumes today (we are closed on Saturday, so had our Halloween day today), which included M&M's(I was the yellow one), pirates, Ninja turtles, Power Rangers, Mrs. Potato Head, Lilo & Stitch, and Minnie Mouse. Everyone had a fun day. We also had a potluck, which I always love. It was a pretty good day.

My dog appears to have pinkeye. Or some other dog thing that looks like pinkeye. He may just have is hard to know. The third eyelid or whatever it is, is coming up a little from below on one of his eyes and looks very red. The other eye looks red but the skin isn't swollen. I happened to have already scheduled him an appointment for tomorrow to get his rabies booster, so I guess they will just tell me what to do for his eye when I am there. I called to see if I could get him in tonight but they were closed. I used a warm cloth to try and wipe his eyes because I thought it might feel soothing, but who knows.

Nothing else to report here... back to my housecleaning.
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