Carriea31 (carriea31) wrote,

Saving Teeth

Do you save your children's baby teeth as they fall out?

My mom always saved our teeth. She saved them in a tiny aspirin jar until we were old enough to take responsibility for them. At that point I transferred them to my jewelry box. I'm not sure why I thought that was the most appropriate place, but there they remained. I've never had good teeth, and always back and forth to the dentist, even at a young age, and so a time or two, I had a tooth pulled and the dentist would send it home to me in a little tiny treasure chest made for teeth. I thought that was cool, so those teeth got to stay in their special case, separate from the mass grave in the aspirin bottle.

When my son started to lose his teeth, I would save those as well. One time he had put his little tooth in a sandwich bag and left it on the end table until night, so that he could leave it for the tooth fairy. At that time I had a particularly obnoxious and nosy cat that I rescued off the street. She came along when no one was watching and gnawed a hole in the bag, and ate the tooth. Imagine the horror! Hahha. My son forgot about the tooth, and I was left to ponder what exactly to do, since he would certainly remember before too long. Thank goodness for good big sisters! I called my sister, she mailed me the matching tooth that her son (who is 3 weeks older than mine) had lost, we used it for the tooth fairy, and I returned said tooth! Whew! Crisis averted.

It never occurred to me that it might seem to odd to save baby teeth until today. I was having dinner with friends and they had never saved their teeth, or the teeth of their children, and seemed to think it was a little off the wall. Any thoughts?
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