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I just got to talk with my grandma! She is still very, very sick. I only talked for about 45 seconds because she just sounds so weak and sad that I didn't want her to strain herself, but it was at least good to be able to tell her hello and that I love her! She had her leg wound recleaned and repacked, and now there is some sort of vacuum device attached to it so that hopefully it will suck out the infection and they won't have to reopen it again. The newest concern is that she is aspirating her food and liquids, so they have to do some sort of swallow study on Monday to try and find out what is causing that. The confusion she has been having is still present but seems to be fading away slowly, as her physical health gets better, which I think is typical. I know that my mom has been really worried about that, and seemed to think it might not get better, but I have noticed in the past that her mental status definitely declines when she gets physically sick, which makes sense to I feel that this is all consistent with her normal patterns. I hope they keep her in the hospital for as long as it takes and don't send her back to the nursing home too soon, and then have her get sick again.

This weekend I've made 2 new recipes. One called Banana Oatmeal Crumb Cake. This one turned out to be pretty good. I had some bananas that were going bad, and I'm sort of tired of making the same old banana bread recipe over and over, so I googled and came up with this new cake recipe. It was a little dense and the crumb topping was really too crumby (in my opinion) but I took it to church today and everyone ate it and enjoyed it, so that was good. I give it an 8. One person at church who is willing to weigh in on my rating scale also gave it an 8. :)

I currently have Kale Chips in the oven baking. We'll see if they turn out. I've never eaten them or made them before, but I got a bunch of kale in my half of the vegetable basket that I share with a friend, so I decided not to waste it.

We are getting a storm now and it just flickered the lights, so I think I'll post this and shut off my computer for awhile!
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