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It is 7-11 day here and lots of people are talking about getting their free Slurpees.  I've never had one...are they any good?

Hardwood floors

Does anyone here have hardwood floors? If so, what do you use to mop them with?


This turned in to a movie watching kind of weekend. That rarely happens.

First: Kong. I mentioned this in my last post.

Second: Mission Impossible Rogue Nation. That was with Tom Cruise. I've never seen any of the other mission impossible movies, but this seemed to just drag on forever. I played around on my phone for most of it.

Third: Planet of the Apes.  This one my husband mostly watched. I took a 30 minute nap during this one and really couldn't say if it is good or not.


This morning we met up with a group from our Sunday class and handed out water and Popsicles in the park, along with an invitation to the Greg Laurie Harvest America event that is coming to Phoenix in a couple weeks.  It was fun.  We met some nice people and also got to visit with each other, which is hard to find time to do sometimes.

I got a Chicago dog from Sonic today. I had never had one before. I think either I did it wrong,  or they are overrated.  The pickle kept falling out when I bit it, and the bun got all soggy at the end. Weird.  Not my favorite way to eat a hotdog,  to be sure.

I wore glasses instead of contacts today so that I could take a nap at some point. I take naps with my contacts in, but I don't believe it's good for my eyes, so I planned ahead today. Wouldn't you know, I don't feel all that tired. Hah


Today has been a long day! We left our house at 4 and drove the 4 hours up to my parents old house. Helped them scrub and clean and scrub more and clean more so they can get the place listed and hopefully sell it. They've been renting it out for the last several years but since they've recently purchased another house and my mom has a good job again, it makes sense to sell it since they won't be likely to move back there.  It's a little sad because the place suited them so well and they were really happy there, but it is just too much for them to keep up, and they have had horrible tenants who have left it trashed each time.  It's hard to get quality tenants because the house is out in the middle of nowhere in the woods and so the fancy rich people who go up there to rent usually rent in town. Anyway the place is awesome and if there were jobs and no custody situation for me, I'd love to have it.  It is way too rural for my husband to enjoy, so it's just as well.  Anyway it was pretty gross but we got tons of stuff cleaned up for them. Then we drove the four hours back and I've had time to take a shower and hopefully I'll be asleep in half an hour!

The other good news I had that I forgot to post is that I got my thyroid labs back on Friday and all the numbers are in the normal range!   Yay!!!!!  I cannot even begin to explain what a relief that was!

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter!  We went to church this morning  (as usual) and then had a relaxing day at home.  The song selection this morning was excellent and I even teared up,  which is rare for me.

At home we relaxed and did a lot of little nothings,  which I feel like we really need to do more sometimes. Two of us took a short nap, we watched part of a movie on TV, I made a new recipe for 4 cheese baked Penne (it was ok but not spectacular ), did some laundry, walked the dog,  read some book, etc.

My husband recently gave me an oil diffuser. I used it for the first time today. The guys wanted to have orange oil in it so that's what we had. It smelled really good and I read that it is good for calm energy. It has a light changing thing that you can use if you want to so we turned that on and had it on while we played War with cards.

We watched one episode of Hell's Kitchen tonight.  My son got super into it. He and I really like to watch cooking shows. My husband tolerates them on our behalf once in awhile. The show had a lot of bad words. They were bleeped out but you could still tell, so that was a bummer since the kiddo was watching. Is every episode that way?  If so, we will move on to something else.


Tomorrow is a bake auction at church. It is something we do every year because it helps the kids raise money to go to a camp during the summer. This is the first year my son is old enough to go, which also means he will help at the auction.  I asked him what he wanted me to make for it. He chose blueberry crunch bars. It's basically a Blueberry crunch made a little more firm so it cuts instead of needing to be scooped into a bowl.  Those are in the oven now. 

I woke up with a sore throat. I hope it goes away soon.

Husband was getting in my car last night and somehow twisted his knee funny. Some time ago he did the same thing to the other knee and it was a couple of months before it stopped hurting him, so he is assuming it is the same thing on this knee and is sad about that. I don't know if it is the same or not...hopefully not. Hopefully this will feel better in a day or two.

Have more to post but have to do it later..
Off to continue housework now. Story of my life


I've been keeping up with picking weeds in the rocks in our yard,  but today they have really turned on me. The weeds growing now are different than the ones from a few weeks ago.  These are fighting back with thousands of stickers jabbing me from the stalk when I pick them.  I didn't even notice until I had grabbed a handful. Ouch.  Now I have to figure out a better way to get the little jerks.


I recently ordered two leather luggage tags with my husband's initials engraved for him as a gift for our upcoming 3rd anniversary,  the leather anniversary.  They came in today and I'm really happy with how they turned out. They are simple but they look nice.

My tooth spot has been sore the last couple of days but this evening I think it is beginning to feel less puffy.  The morning was tough but when we got home I took a nap and woke up feeling much better.  I was recently thinking that I should make a point to sit down and relax at some point on the weekend and had thought it might be nice to watch a movie on TV. I did end up doing that but it's a shame it took having a tooth pulled out to force me to sit still!  Haha.

The movie I ended up choosing was ridiculous,  but I like it anyway....the first Twilight movie. The acting is bad, the coloring is bad, but I can't help liking it. Go team Edward. Hahahahaha

I'm reading a book called How to Raise Goats. It's very good.  I cannot currently have a goat because we are not zoned for it, but we always had them when I was a kid, and they are sweet creatures. My dad got the book for me at a yard sale some time ago and it seemed like a cheery thing to read this past few days.


The tooth I was talking about earlier in the week had to be pulled yesterday.  There wasn't enough good tooth left to build a new crown over. I was very sad about it, because I try so hard and still the dental problems come.  In addition to that, I was terrified that I would have another problem with clotting like I did a few years ago. I don't know if anyone might have heard of or have had the same problem, but I had a tooth pulled a few years back and instead of clotting properly,  I developed liver clots. They didn't start coming until I was home for the evening and the dentist office was closed so I had to keep pulling them from my mouth, literally all night long. I had blood everywhere,  my apartment was like a murder scene. Anyway that was obviously traumatic and I was so fearful it would happen again even though it is so rare. I explained all to my new dentist and he was very patient and kept me in his office for quite awhile after he had pulled it and them gave me very specific instructions for what to do and not do at home, and he called me later to check on me.  I seem to have clotted properly this time and all seems to be ok. I'm just puffy and sore from them yanking on my face.

Soccer game today was a loss. Our team played hard but we did make mistakes, including some wildly flailing kicks that totally missed the ball, etc., but the other team was really good and aggressive,  and so they came out ahead by 1 point. Our kids were bummed because that was their first loss in 18 games!

I feel like there was something else I was going to post when I got on here, but now I can't remember.